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Welcome to Clear Water Products LLC.

Clear Water Products, LLC offers 27 years of oilfield experience along with cutting edge solids control services. Offering the most effective solids control equipment available on the market today to satisfy the ever changing needs of the oil & gas industry. Clear Water’s cutting edge flocculation closed loop technology optimizes drilling efficiencies by reducing chemical cost, health, safety, and environment impacts (HSE), and reducing fluid losses. The combination of cost efficiency and minimizing the environmental footprint left by the drilling process exceeds expectations and standards in the industry time and again.
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Clear Water Products is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our reputation for “getting the job done,” efficient and effective processes, and continued development to satisfy the individual needs of each rig precedes us in extraordinary customer relations. We recognize that each rig and each project is different and work closely with each rig to optimize our solids control program to minimize costs to the drilling companies.

It is Clear Water Products mission to redefine the standard of the industry by continuing close development of cutting edge technology and procedures combined with exceptional customer service!