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The Materials we use!

Clear Water Products is committed 100% to customer satisfaction and will not compromise our consumer relationship for profit. CWP strives to keep a close relationship with each individual drilling rig while customizing the chemical use and flocculation process to the needs of the consumer. We are dedicated to keeping costs as low as possible while maintaining the most efficient and effective processes.
At CWP, we use several chemicals to boost the flocculation process. Examples of those chemicals are Calcium Nitrate, Polymer, and Ferric Chloride as well as other coagulants. All of which can be very expensive and continues to be a concern for drilling contractors in the industry.
CWP understands this and continually strives to keep costs down by adjusting our processes to meet our consumers’ needs. Yet, maintaining top level productivity. Let CWP take the stress of solids control chemical cost and efficiency out of the picture. Choosing to have Clear Water Products, LLC take care of your solids control needs will not only boost cost effectiveness, lower your environmental footprint, and ensure cutting edge productivity processes but will guarantee your company receives unparalleled customer service.